How to use a custom Polaroid film for your customers

People love to receive prizes. But more than that, they love being able to earn them somehow. If you limit yourself to just offering discounts, you will bore your customers in less time than you think. On the other hand, if you use a custom Polaroid film to offer prizes you will keep your customers interested. But how can you give prizes without tiring your customers? The trick is to create micro-challenges that they can complete. Once they’re done it’s time for the photo. In the branded instant photo you can include some kind of prize that can be redeemed on their next visit. What you offer depends on the type of business you have and what you want to give.

What kind of micro challenges can you do?

Talking about a specific series of micro-challenges can be complicated. What we can recommend is that you focus your micro-challenges on the theme of your business. The same goes for the design of the custom Polaroid film. If you don’t respect the theme of your business, none of this will work. If you sell ice cream a micro challenge can be to carry a scoop of ice cream from one place to another with a spoon in your mouth and without using your hands. If the scoop of ice cream falls the person loses. If they win, they get the branded instant photo with the prize that he can claim only on their next visit. This way you ensure that the customers will want to come back because they will receive a prize.

Why would your customers want a branded instant photo?

The medical community has not yet deciphered everything our brains hide. But what we do know is that people like to see themselves doing fun things. Every time someone sees your custom Polaroid film they will want more. This causes motivation in people’s brains that are amplified by adding a prize. Your customers will think, “I’m having fun, I get a photo and a prize I can use when I come back – of course I want to participate!” The best part is that your customers will invite their family and friends to participate. Everyone will want their branded instant photo and prize. A word of advice: you can vary the prizes by season. This is useful so you can play during high sales seasons and low sales seasons.