Getting back to parties with branded Polaroid

Luckily, clubs and parties are now allowed again. This means that a lot of people can once again start partying again. I’ve always thought that this is really important for them, as it helps the younger generation to let go of stress. Also, the party-scene has mostly been non-existent for the past 2 years. Finally, they are also getting some more money as they’ve started to climb back up from the covid depression. This also means that I again can organize a party. That is something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time now. Not because I love partying, but because I love to have all my friends and family around me. A friend and me have decided to through a combined party. We’ve partnered up to give a really cool party that our guest will be talking about for a long time. Something I really want to include in the party is a polaroid camera. A polaroid camera can give you an instant photo of your party and gives your guest a memory to hold on to.

What kind of polaroid camera.

There are multiple kinds of polaroid camera’s. All of them give you the opportunity to deliver an instant photo to your guest. We’ve decided on buying a classic polaroid camera from Photoflyer. These really are the most durable best polaroid camera’s you can buy. But of course, if you buy a polaroid camera, you also need to have some film. Normal, white polaroid film is to “normal” for our party. Therefore, we’ve decided on buying branded polaroid film. With branded polaroid film you can actually print the instant photo on a branded piece of film. So imagine having your polaroid picture printed on an M&M or Tommy Hilfiger branded polaroid film. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Which brand to choose for?

Of course, we can’t just pick any brand we would like. After thinking long and hard about what brand, we’ve decided on TicTac. Because we were also thinking about giving a goody back with some candy in it. This branded polaroid film would therefore match perfectly with our goody bag. Now, let’s hope we can still have our party. It is scheduled for next month, so let’s hope we are still allowed to party next month. Otherwise, we can just keep the branded polaroid films. We can wait in organizing our party. We actually have been for nearly 2 years.